Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waiting for the Enola Gay

Who reads my blogs? Probably no one. We are in a pickle. I write this as a voice to void--just to purge this from my gray matter....

At the end of the month-- there will be a congregational meeting. It will be about the budget for next year. It will about cutting my husband the Pastor down to part-time. That is going to spell disaster for us. We have had a very nice year. The 6 years before that were unbelievabley bad. I don't want those back. He has a contract with the church-- but this mean little place just does whatever they want regardless. He should be given 3 months notice and 3 months Severance pay. But at the end of the month they could just vote and we would be busted to part time. We live in the Parsonage next door. It is valued as a rental property of $1500 per month.If they cut him 50% and then charge us for the rent and the utilities-- we won't have any income at all. Geez.
When I was a union musician--our contracts were ironclad. You couldn't mess with a union musician-- and you didn't want to make the musicians union angry. These congregations seem to chew up Pastors and spit them out.
The last meeting we had on Nov. 1 almost turned into a fistfight!!!! This one could be the same or worse. Maybe I should alert the media....
this is an excerpt of what I just sent to the Conference Minister--higher up the line.

On an emotional level-- I'm really worried that one of us is going to have a heart attack or stroke. I feel like we are about to have our head chopped off and the executioner is trying to calm us down and explain how it will be-- how to make it easier to be be-headed. Things have been very quiet on the "western front" (read ex wifex) but now it seems there is going to be trouble there too (just imagine.) I don't know if we will have to hire two types of lawyers at the same time. How would anyone survive this? We live next to this place. They watch us. We are so alone here. I feel like a bug in a jar. Jesus has left St. Pauls.

I know this has been a rant. I have no one to talk to. Waiting for the Enola Gay.

I am a follower of Jesus. Ghandi said that he likes our Jesus just not our Christians. There you are. Jesus is real and I know we will find a way. My husband is a talented and inspired preacher. Jesus's message is hope. All are welcome--all have Grace. It is not What Would Jesus Do but what is Jesus doing in your life right now? We have done a great job with this church. We will leave behind the love of Jesus-- maybe some seeds planted will soften the hard hearts.
We now have to find another "call." I hope we can be fore we are thrown out of the street. I will start packing tomorrow

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