Sunday, December 13, 2009


Great Sunday.

Church was tops. Min Geselle appeared as John the Baptist-- I played the cello-- the kids did a program and Vince got it all on tape.
There were very big frowns-- but I think most liked his sermon.
Tomorrrow begins a week of vacation. I am not teaching but going to the the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. But tomorrow we are visiting Daly Plaza for the German market from Nuremberg. This is a reclaiming of sorts.
As is Midwest. I haven't been there for 30 years.
am going to crash now.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day of Controversy

Jtv drama really took my morning away. After the trek to West High, our Hour at the OK Corral (Panera Bread) waiting for the Middle School to open up for business I composed my note to the management of Jtv. I pulled out my teacher hat, and my "mandated reporter" status and told them that they need to worry about the outrageous blogger and slander.
Then we played Dart ball with the oldies at St. Johns. Everyone "made nice." It hurts me so much as a follower of Jesus that these people can be so vicious and mean at the Nov. 1 meeting and then we all just get along as if the harsh words were never said. My husband the Pastor had a council meeting and it was as if it was no big deal that the congregation voted down the growth plan. This was a plan that the council had agreed to. When he suggested that a plan B be put in place-- the comment was "Who needs Goals" lets just do something. Lets have business cards. We already have them. There were suggestions of things we could do. But no plans to actually get them done.

This group is really dysfunctional. We live next door. They are a group of passive aggressive sheltered people. Sometimes I fear for our saftey. There is just something crazy here.
Jesus where are you in this Chaos. We are so hurt.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Always surprised--Tuesday 11-17-2009

I was surprised
  • by the weather-- imagine that. Cold November day.
  • By how nice the brakes on the Buick are now. We did just have them fixed...
  • By youngest daughter with hygene issues taking a shower WITH SHAMPOO! I went up to the bathroom and monitored the process from the behind the door.
  • By a student really working on her musicianship rather than wasting time lamenting her abilities--just get to work.
  • By Zena the dobergirl not chewing her toes, we wrapped her foot in a sock with neosporin-- she was so embarrassed. Not a dog like thing to have on your foot.
  • By googlewave and how fun it is.
  • By min Geselle and the nice dinner he made for us
  • By how mean people are to a young friend on Jtv--I am always surprised by meaness.
  • By how My Backsurgery friend was talking to me online from the hospital after his surgery! He might go home tomorrow! What a fighter!!!
  • By how much I REALLY like my new convection oven. Most of our appliances have been second hand crap.. This I chose! It is new!!! It is wonderful!!! I love how it browns things. I feel powerful--I love kitchen appliances
  • By how I now have to really think of things to write, when I seem to always have things to say....
  • by how totally tired I am at the end of the day.
  • by how much laundry there is....
  • EEk