Sunday, September 20, 2015

You never know what is around the corner

Tomorrow is Monday, and I will be up at 4 AM - to get ready for my 7th grade Orchestra at 7:40 AM.

What has happened?  I suddenly am the Orchestra Teacher at the local Middle school.  Stunned.

I will get control of the 6th graders. Somehow.  They will not be my undoing.  I put tape on the floor to set up the chairs by.  I have foraged for instruments for them-- and spent 2 weeks frantically repairing, repairing.
I set a sound post. .

It's 8:35.

My bedtime

Thursday, March 19, 2015

My hair is being pulled away by the stars again....

I think I moved in July-- it's now hitting me.
Well, it's Thursday--in the springy-yet-still-cold part of March, whisking the time forward and backwards simultaneously--Spring Hill Nursey diverted my brain with Blue Moon Reblooming Wisteria and 
Double Scoop Cranberry Coneflower, and Mixed Victorian Primrose and

Red Colannaded Apple

Lots of studying too-Happy about spring, somewhat dismayed about people's behavior in general-- and learning to be "busy not thinking about things..."

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I feel like I'm getting some rest

I am quiet--
watching west wing --

all three quite a lot.
Struggling with my numbers, (Blood sugar), recovering from last semester,
getting ready for the one to come, trying to use as many commas as I can in this sentence,
getting LucyBeans
used to wearing her doggy boots in the freezing cold snow,
getting loose ends tide up, still look for the period of this sentence---oh, here it is.