Sunday, November 11, 2012

Channel surfing overload

We unplugged DirectTV, cancelled the service.  I'm not kidding. was tired of searching for 10 minutes or more and not finding anything I wanted to watch.  I of course will go into withdrawl from MSNBC-- but I have found that, and many other things on the web.  With high speed --I can still see most of what I was watching on DirectTV and save the charge every month.  Austerity measures, sigh.  


This is Sunday, church and the annual meeting.
Northland Pines Lunch - Great Subject

Joy.  I'm glad it's over for another year.   . 
 Tomorrow!!! Parent teacher conferences, 
and I start work on my research paper on Zappos!

Lately Mondays have been really bad for me.  
Going to try to hide
I've never really want ed to believe that was true.  EEK.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Times come with the Territory
Grocery Store
I did venture into Eagle River with my Pomeranian Gentlemen Friend this morning-- but went grocery shopping at Trigs instead of trolling for high speed at ER Roasters.  This is going to really change my life--YAY.

Veil Stitch
 I had a great time shopping the good deals while the Clergy Breakfast was going on.  The checker at Trigs really loved my hand knitted shopping bags.  I am always so pleased to have my knitting complimented.  It has been a challenge to learn the veil stitch that is required for those.
Woodland Strings-I'm not in the picture

Last night I made it through a Woodland strings rehearsal (where I play what ever they have  and a Northwoods Singers rehearsal (where I am a soloist).  Unloading the car last night we found Daphne's glasses. I was so relieved.  They had been safely tucked into one of the pockets in the back door.
Tucker and Daddy-wolf
The doors on the Equinox  (The EEK) are vicious.  I have bruises from where one has closed on my right leg.  This is a nice car-- Tucker likes it too-- absolutely covers it with hair.  He loves to cover things with his hair.  We understand it is a feature and just brush him and use the shop vac on the car.

Today I am relaxing--- some knitting--will have a Dog-Date (walkies) later in the afternoon...  Quiet nice..

Monday, May 7, 2012

The Moon has High speed and I'm thinking about taking over the world.

The Moon now has high speed internet

.The Frontier guy arrived around 10 AM and brought us back to the 21st century.  It was such a relief to just go online without the lunatic sound of the 56 K modem ringing in my ears.  See it- click it-- go there. Just in the nick of time-- our trusty dialup modem went to a better place after becoming  "en flammbe" from a thunderstorm Friday morning.
Poor fried modem RIP

This is what democracy looks

Election tomorrow-- the man who brought me the modem and the internet of the  21st century, commented on my Obama Biden bumper sticker. Happily it was not the vitriol I was accustomed to-- but something else!  He said he was a conservative that had made up his mind to vote for Obama and Recall  Walker!  He said that he couldn't stand what the Republicans wanted to do with Medicare, the tax cuts for the wealthy, and that Walker had gone after the teachers of all people!

EEK!  :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Up for air

I have been chained to my desk-- trying to be a student again.  The stress has been amazing.  I've had changes in my health--but really good grades.  If we are to stay here in the Northwoods, I've got to find work-- this is why I'm in school.
Have not blogged since Christmas, hence the tree that is still on my blog.  I can't figure out just yet how to change it..

Finals are upon me!!!