Sunday, January 24, 2010

Being Shanghai'd by the angry mob

Must admit it was better than I thought it would be. Todays choir rehearsal was great. I was a comsummate pro. Service at 9:30 was great. I was being watched by the the council pres. So I sang joyfully (and well) and lead the limping congregation through Shine Jesus Shine. The meeting was a different kettle of fish.

Council president (CP) acts like she is a scorned woman. She acts like MG is her X husband or something and I am in the way. I've told MG that its as if you jilted her or something. She acting like Thing One. (That ordeal is tomorrow) During the voting she actually came up to us and said that I couldn't vote because I wasn't a member. That is ridiculous.
The meeting started with the tedious reading of the budget saving the Pastoral Staff (MG) for last.
When it got to the part where they described cutting him to part time there was a lot of questions.
There were more people at the meeting than were in church. There were people there, that MG and I had never laid eyes on. The poor @nd service of them was almost in tears, and asked-- If you knew that there was a deficit when you hired him, why wasn't there a more concerted effort to raise money during the year. CP was upset that MG described the Nov. 1 meeting as a Free-for-all-- then one of the more prominent members coached us on the finer points of Roberts Rules of Order--In order to avoid the Melee that was the Nov. 1 meeting. In your face CP.
Lots of gory details. But the congregation voted to keep him full time until June. During that time they would meet with the congregation to decide just what part time would look like.

KL our conference minister, said some very important things. Like this has never to her knowledge been done to a "sitting" pastor. In doing this they are making it a referendum on him!
How can y ou expect a 48 year old man to accept a position that will only pay him 22,000 per year with a family?
So we have until June.
There were some visitors in church-- two couples that left quickly after the service was over. I believe they were from the church Mg did a phone interview with last week. They weren't supposed to do that....

She called and left a message on our home phone---she said "run-- away-- spend all your time trying to find a call.

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