Thursday, January 21, 2010

Negative Experiences are really poisonous.

MG Went to to council meeting-- OMG EEk and EEK again. The council president was unspeakablely rude and disrespectful to him. Luckily our association pastor was there to witness the travesty. The were just going to cut him off as of Feb.-- down to part time pay. She reminded them that his letter of call said 90 days-- and recommended that they give him what ever time he needed to find another call.

These people are brutal/cruel. Not all of them-- the nice ones are quiet. The bullies run the show here.
North woods-- please call us. I need to get out of this area. We will take our youngest with us-- the 3 hs's will stay with our x's for their senior year. We only see 2 of them occasionally as it is now. If we come down 3 times a month--and stay over night--we will stay in touch with them. It's not like they are toddlers. They are all going to be 18 this summer.
Need to practice the piano

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