Monday, January 18, 2010

Flash back Monday

Jan 18 2 years ago-- my Dad died. Last year it wasn't so bad. This year it is sort of bad. One of the Oldies from the church had her funeral today--so there I was listening to min Geselle do the funeral-- the granddaughter tearfully do the Eulolgy--Went to the funeral lunch with all the ladies from the church.
It is really odd to have both of your parents gone.

I keep thinking about the Walt Whitman quote I put up a few posts ago.

The congregation votes Sunday after church to decide to keep min Geselle full time Pastor. If they cut us to part time-- we will have to invoke the lawyer from the Conference (scary) to make sure they treat us fairly. We cannot live on part time--It was hard to sit with those woman at the funeral lunch and make small talk. They know what they are doing to us.

Another firestorm is also upon us. The X wife--known as IT or thing one (her very wealthy present husband known as thing two) is taking us to court for more child support. We can barely make ends meet here--she takes European vacations at least twice a year. My step children are very privileged. So we'll see what we can do.

We just received a congregational profile from a place we could relocate to- a church in our denomination that is looking for a pastor. These people are extremely dysfunctional. I hope the North Woods church gets in contact with us soon. I just have to keep hoping that they are decent and they would want us.

I have to find energy for students today... somehow--mabye I won't....I think I might just crawl into the couch with my knitting.

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