Sunday, January 31, 2010

Deer Pants

The house is so quiet. All the kids are gone. Church went fine. We had visitors for 2nd week in a row. Choir sang great-- I conducted great. Mopped the floors. Made terrific dinner featuring homemade hash browns. MG had to talk to Thing one for about 60 seconds. Found out she had lawyerd up too. Vince got a terrific video of today's Sermon.
So I'm a wreck.
Nothing really to say about the church thing. I worked with the choir as a professional. We sang As the Deer Pants --and I told them it was a "witness." When you sing this make your witness to your faith.
June asked me what happened at last weeks meeting. I told her. She was especially shocked that the council president challenged my right to vote.
I think little by little people are going to ask. June knew immediately that part time was not an option for us.
MG wrote a piece last night for the March Newsletter Called Why a Pastor is different from a Bank Teller.
Turning into a pumpkin now.

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