Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday night and I'm ready to falll into the couch and knit

We are back from our travels. We left for GreenBay Wisconsin on Dec. 26 to see a Packers game at Lambeau Field. BRRRRR. We stayed at the TravelLodge and really enjoyed relaxing. We walked about 1 mile to get to the Stadium with a crowd of Green and Gold bundled up people. The parking lot at the stadium was filled with Tailgate Parties and makeshift bars serving booze. We were in section 119 -right at the 50 yard line!!!!!! Great seats. I became grateful being packed in like sardines, when it started getting really cold. The fans were really nice-- not like the cutthroats at Bears games in Chicago. It was fun--of course everyone was happy/silly that the Packers ate the Seattle Seahawks for lunch and then mopped the floor with them. For my first NFL game (Dan's too) it was a blast.
We had some sardines to fry when we returned--let me tell you. On our way up to Green Bay, Vince (#1 son) calls and the first thing he says is "Don't worry, I'm not hurt and the car is ok." EEK What am I supposed to say? On his way to our house in Hinckley driving our white Mazda to take Zena out, so her bladder doesn't burst, he skidded off the road on Route 30. So I'm an hour from GreenBay-- and he's asking me what to do. EEK -- I told him to wait for a squad car-- and the cop will get a tow truck. So the car was put back on the road. Everything is ok. But that Tuesday we had to get the Mazda looked at, and try to figure out the rest of the week. Omitting many details-- Wednesday AM we left for Indianapolis to drop Daphne off with her friend- and us to spend the New Years at the Hilton Double tree. Vince and Jocelyn minded the Zena beast and then Vince took our Buick down to Jerseyville to visit his friends on New years day.
We had a great time in Indy. We ate lunch Wednesday at the Bodacious Barbeque down town and then walked around the "Circle." This city has an obsession with circles. It is is city of Roundy things and Circly things like my daughters used to say. The circle is centered around this very tall monument built to commemorate the Civil War. The artwork on this thing makes you feel like you're in a movie. Any minute you expect to see Andy McDowelll start an argument with Hugh Grant--and you know there's going to be a car chase around the "Circle!"-I sense "made-for-tv-movie." The buildings along the circle-- many of which were very old were curved to match the contour of the circle. It was elegant-- but a little bit like Dr. Suess. I kept looking for Thing one and Thing two. There is a statue of Lady Victory at the top-- but it's so high I can't imagine how one would see it. One of the older buildings, I read actually had a miniature Golf course on its roof. Maybe you could see the top stature from there....
We went back to our Hotel-- I really lucked out. That you AARP. We had a King Suite at a Hilton Doubletree-- very luxurious-- and it cost us less than the Travelodge in Green Bay!!!! Tv and game console in the tiny "living room" and in the bedroom. We spent the evening being plied with Manhattans by the overly friendly but sweet bartender on the couch inf ront of the fire place in the bar, reading, doing crosswords and surfing the net on the netbook. We had a late dinner in the bar.
Thursday afternoon we went exploring Downtown again. We tried to take the Elevator to the top of the monument- but it was down for the day. The prospect of 400 steps up had a great effect on me and I abandoned those plans. The Civil War museum in the basement of the Monument was really well done. I learned that Eli Lilly (The Pharmaceutical company) was originally a Civil War commander from Indianapolis. I hadn't the fainest idea about that.
He was great altruist-- and his whole family has endowed Indianapolis with all sorts of museums.
Then I was whisked away in a carriage drawn by a very nice horse named "Colonel." Dan bought us a short ride around the downtown in style. It was very fun and relaxing! After the ride was over I got to talk to "Colonel." He was very happy to let me scratch his nose-- and he seemed to like me talking to him. I will always remember Dan and I clomping around Indy on a snowy afternoon.

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