Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jesus said nothing about sexuality-

Jesus said nothing about sexuality-- that's how much it mattered to him! He preached a radical welcome. If there is love between two people where is the problem?
Paul in addressing sexuality was talking about the ancient Greek practice of pederasty (an older man taking a young boy and "teaching" him things)-- Paul wanted that to stop.
All the stuff in Deuteronomy--Those rules were mostly to get the Hebrews to stop acting like the neighboring worshippers (who worship various local gods) and having sex with the priests and the idols in the temple.
My husband Dan is a Pastor, and Bible Scholar--he can read Greek and Hebrew. He urges everyone to think of the Old Testament as a "family album"-- with some good times and bad times. We can learn things from the Old Testament, but Jesus came and turned everything upside down -- We are New Testament people. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Jossy-Bird has flown very far away.

My Jocelyn has boarded a plane for the first time and is now munching a sandwich with her father at the Savannah airport.   It is exciting to have to travel like this.  I'm sad that I couldn't take her to see SCAD.  (The Savannah College of Art and Design.)
Travel to anyplace other than
There and Back Again to Illinois
will not be possible for us quite some time.  I am very good however at experiencing things vicariously! 

She tours the school tomorrow, and then does some site seeing.  Flies home again on Sunday!