Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shell shocked on Fantasy Island

Yesterday was quite a day.
  • Meeting with lawyer about Thing One and her Fantasy Island child support demands-They are truly a fantasy. She made up everything. Even the documents that min Geselle received on Sunday night were not anything legal or official. Our lawyer said that she would look into the said appointment-- and appear on his behalf if anything official happens. She can't get retro-active child support. She can't go back and demand more money for past years. #1 son is already 20-- so he's out. The twins are 18 in August. There is a chance that she can nail us for about $6oo per month until then-- but not if she screws up the filing. She has not gotten a lawyer (yet). I think she did this to scare us in to talking to her. I fully expect her to call and try to do a deal. No dice-- we retained a lawyer. We are going to court.
  • Found out that the 14-year old-- has lied about a school project. She did it over christmas break. I saw it. She simply didn't turn it in. As a reward for getting it done-- we took her to see her friend in Indianapolis-- an expense that we just didn't need. I've gotten her to apologize and I'm going to see what I can do about getting the project turned in. I am going to exact my pound of flesh with house work. She is sorry-- and embarrassed that I'm so hurt.
  • Very strange and uncomfortable meeting with the Fantasy Island 2nd workshipservice committee--yes, they had the meeting. The most amazing and stupid question of the night was "Can't we just hire a keyboard player and say they have to bring their own instrument-- after all a trumpet player brings his own trumpet?" EEk Several people were there as obvious spies for the council. MG even said "This is all pointless-- if on Sunday you vote to go down to part time ministry." There was about 3 beats of silence and then they just went on. I believe they want to pick our brains-- so they know how to build a 2nd service so they can get rid of us and do it themselves... But what they don't realize is that MG and I ARE the talent. We have the equipment. We are the professionals. Without us-- I mean these are people that consider shoe tying a resume item....
  • Impossibley innane and stupid phone interview with a prospective church--this church was very upset that Mg and I were professional musicians. They were concerned that we would want to be involved with their very established music program.. What? 45% retired. New Pipe Organ. Sitting on lots of money. What change, but not too fast. Want an enthusiastic Pastor but not one that is forceful What? They want someone that will just sit there. If they offer enough money-- that might be worth it. I could work on my masters-- Dan could write more on his book.

This has been morning of phone calls to turn the screws in other call prospects. Me-- piano practice-- and then HouseWork.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?????

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