Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby Elephants and Boundaries

This is who I strive to be

This is my Spirit Animal

Who says I can do this?

I do.

I just really like the look on this little elephants face.  I don't know the gender of this creature, but I say-female.
I'm tired of people telling me what I must do about matters that are simply mine to control.  I know that I must do so many things, but there is some choice for me --  there are boundaries that I set.  I have to pay bills, do housework and  school work, exercise and eat healthy.  There are logical consequences if I don't do those things. However,  if I want to caper about like a joyful baby elephant or march in the 4th of July Parade with the Vilas County Democrats--I can.  If there are those who do not employ me, that barely know me, yet gossip about me and want to impose life-changing consequences on me and my family because I set my own boundaries--
Sorry you can't do that

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It's quarter to nine-- and I think I might actually understand the null hypothesis

I'm still wracking my brain about type 1 and type 2 errors
This has been a day of Statistics.  Up until now it was just Average Length of Stay, Bed count, death and autopsy rates. Last week was standard deviation, variance and correlation.

Now I got Null Hypotheses,

Art by Chris Lysy

t tests and more.

So I"m going to get something to drink-- watch mindless tv and try think about how it is going to snow tomorrow...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Life-- I still like it.

When no one likes you..... you have to pretend that everyone does.
Jesus does.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm hearing the Bunny Orchestra - What can it mean????

Sunday night well well welllll
The cast iron rats are guarding my Hot Choclate

Feel like I've been steamrollered by my course work this week.
Today's Stats test-- eek just glad it's over with
effect of coursework

Friend Calculator
First snow today, big
fluuffy flaaaaakksssss

I'm hearing the bunny orchestra-what can it mean???

My brain is switched off.  Piano brain is still on though.-- and I might be able to read a novel.  Maybe make more hot choclate. zzzzzzzz

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tucker, nuthatches, Cooper's Hawk and evil % signs- welcome to my world!!!

Tucker has made a statement about his dog crate.
 He just ripped the front screen-- so I have been slowly sewing it up.  So much controversy in the country, and in our little church.
I wish it was just as easy as sewing. Lots of really grouchy people.    I think that it is hardest thing-- to be joyful.
The deer are munching in the yard, I'm glad I planted the clover-- they seem disinterested in the bird feeder.  But alas for the poor Nuthatches,
they are being eaten by the Coopers Hawk that lives next to us.

My classes are Healthcare Statistics and Comparative Health records systems.  (Large Terrifying chord)I think the Stats class might kill me.  I can get the math, but am being sabotaged by % signs.
I have been playing more piano and a bit more violin.  I have had to abandon the violin for a bit, to get this school work to hit a stride.
 I am way too intense when I practice the violin.  I am much more relaxed and sloppier on the piano, flute or clarinet.  I screw up all over the place, and then laugh.  The deer react very strongly to my efforts on the clarinet!!!!
Me and Jocelyn chillin-she's a great artist!
They begin is pound the ground and the bucks wave their antlers menacingly at the front window.
So I'm a bit crashy-brain is toast.

Jocelyn is coming up for a week!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hazy with a chance of swimming???

Tuesday and Jocelyn

is waiting for the bus to take her to Wausau.   I miss her and will be so glad to see her!  Tonight Daphne goes on an adventure to visit her friends in Connecticut!  I am simply here, doing my coding and trying not to get too upset about politics and the town gossip mill. 

It's a bit hot here. No AC, but most days I can keep the house at under 75.  Today with a high dewpoint of 70--it's a 90 that really feels like 95 outside and I've managed to keep the house hovering at 80.  It is like life in a windtunnel at times while the behemoth fan sends air galloping up the basement steps.  It does help that the forest looms on 2 sides of the house.    These are very tall trees.  My study nook in the SE corner is the coolest part of the house all day.  I have cross ventilation from from two windows and the shade of the pines.   The sun is on the deck at noon, but the trees are shady.  The hottest place is the garage.  It  has the NW  and NE corners, which is great. 
Lunch was cold things.  Dan made soup (!!!???!!!) ate and promptly felt sick.  I just ate cold things.  Iced-coffee in hand I will attempt further homekeeping activities.  The clutter here, just mounts until I go on the warpath.
When Dan comes home, we are going for a dip in Crystal Lake--sigh.  That can't happen soon enough.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not used to being this busy with things other than studying...

Reporting in:
Church in the morning after today's outdoor wedding (rain miraculously absent), rehearsal last night (after a 6 hour drive), funeral Monday and 3 more funerals in July (so far). EEK
 We had a great 3 days on Washington Island, with travel on Monday and Friday including a 30 minute ferry ride each way.  I worked on my coding assignments at Cedar Lodge amongst the  territory tussles of really aggressive red-winged black birds (were in league with the mosquitos).  Two nights of campfires (after coding) in the company of  pastors attending the forum to hear Brian McClaren.  We rented  an apartment that had a kitchen with a GAS STOVE!!!!  I really miss cooking with gas. Visited a lavender plantation (after coding more), really like the lavender gelato and was a
AMAZED  by lily pads and 

 and met up with old friends.    Still coding

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Big Mosquitos - a point of pride

As I write they are massing against the screens trying to get in.  I wake up with bites.    They some how ninja their way in and find me.

 I hear them at night playing my clarinet. They are not bad.  Does make me want to practice...

In other news.....

Coding Coding Coding.  eek

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lost in February

Every window shows white.  I live a snow globe, safe inside the house, but with whirling flakes and white tipped pines blocking the wind.

I glance deer legs going past the windows by may desk--on their way to feeder in the back yard. Some of the does are really getting big!

As night falls the snow is blue-- the quiet is white.

School continues.
Tucker is singing better.

I don't know how he stands all the abuse from the frozen chosen.

He is just the best pastor.
Church was peaceful, and really well done on min Geselle's part.    This was a much better Sunday than last week.   This part of his job, handling all the unhappy people.  The atmosphere is just so changed if the antagonists  are out of town. 

You can really feel the Holy Spirit.