Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sparrow on a bungee cord

Disappointed in the human race-- ah well-- who isnt'. "God does not let this sparrow fall-- just attaches a bungee cord for a more interesting experience."--quote from ME

I must quote Walt Whitman-- so seat belts on-- lock and load-- whatever...

"Now understand me well--
it is provided in the essence of
things that from any fruition of success,
no matter what, shall come forth something to make
a greater struggle necessary."

So I am not surprised that we have to leave this place. I would like the "leaving" to be as orderly as possible. In my older years I'm not happy with too much chaos-- just the right amount.

This has been a great year!
Our family has been in 6 years of chaos. We love this house and have had a really quiet year of me teaching and both of us trying to energize this congregation. We have done good work here. Going back into ministry was the right choice for him and us-- but it will be the life of a vagabond. The employment practices of churches are very capricious. We definitely must have a "movable feast."
They needed to hear his message
This congregation needed to hear what min Geselle (what I call my husband) told them. He was the bringer/discoverer of their fiscal chaos and extreme membership attrition. The congregation is made up of mostly octogenarians!!! They are dying, and not willing to change the church to attract the new generation--to tell them about Jesus.

Shoot the Messenger
He made them look at the hard figures of how many we loose every year-- and how many we need to gain to be viable. So they shoot the messenger.They have decided (without telling him)-- that they are going to cut him to part time -- announced publicly in the monthly newsletter! Imagine our suprise to read about this! They expect him to do all the same work. They just don't think there is enough work for full time. We cannot survive.

"Call" Process
So we are in the call process. According to his letter of call-- he should have 3 months notice. But this group has violated his letter of call in many ways all year.
There are people that have Jesus in their hearts here. I think they are terrific but very meek and controlled by a core group of "bullies" that run everything. We will have legal representation as this all develops. I believe our denomination provides this. The meeting at the end of January should be interesting.....

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