Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Flummoxed at SandHill Slough

Today is finally over.  I dove in to a nest of bees and only got stung 3 times: My accounting test-- 3 wrong.
Worked on my quality management project today and remained flummoxed.  Flummoxed at SandHill Slough home with the cranes--- I HEARD them this morning. 
 I've been beating this wretched cold with a stick--
I finally had a day when I could walk around with out laying down every 10 minutes.  It was a feature of this cold-- laying down was the chief thing that made it better.  I gave up and stayed in bed all day yesterday- then got up at 7 PM and did an accounting paper.  I am winning.  Just the headache-- which I think  is caffeine withdrawal.  
Tomorrow!                              Walgreens and the Library!!!  

Adventures with dog training and the electronic fence.

Tucky met the wild huskies with Dan on the leash this morning.  I needless to say was still in bed.
Going there soon, as I feel the damn fever coming on.  

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