Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I have missed over half of 2014 here.  So I will doggedly start over again.

We have moved house, and DHs job--and everything is in disarray--but getting better.   We love our new house.
   His job as a pastor in the north--went south.  Sadly there were so many deaths of very old people that the congregation could no longer pay a full time pastor.
 When one old person dies, the spouse, if there is one is usually moved out to be close to their offspring for care.   Some older members were "disappeared!"  Their adult children just took them away to live with them.  One family requested that the church not contact their mother.  So there were many goodbye's-- and so many that just left without saying goodbye.  It was really hard on the congregation to be in continual mourning.  We had 5 funerals in 6 weeks, at one point.  It also was hard on the church finances.. When these people left and or died, so did their support of the church.   When a church is delicate like this, having undergone so much death and sadness, the "alligators" come out.
 There are predatory members, that wait until the ultimate point of vulnerability and then take over.  That too happened at this church.
My husband provided pastoral care for all-- but could not stay the passive-aggressive actions of this contingent.  
We found another place and moved in under 3 weeks of accepting the new Call.    It was the right place, at the right time.  It is a Call.   I am happy to be near a metropolitan area again-- even though I'm still locked up with my school work.
I will try to keep better track of my life through this blogg--- that's all we can do is keep trying

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