Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday-- tread carefully

Walkies were really cool and nice.  Mr. Dog was perky and a bit unruly.
The Garbage Pickup is happening and there is a parade of tanker trucks barreling down Center street every 15 minutes. (???)The Cleveland Garbage process takes the entire day.
 The truck drives up and down the street past our bags almost all day, before they are picked up... We just don't understand what the method is.  The tankers-- We don't know what they are up to-- it's just excessive. They tankers where doing this all day yesterday--Sunday!!!! Who does this on a Sunday!!!
Sunday was the first with 2 services, so we drove separate cars.  I was able to use Dairyland Drive-- finally open again.  The drive is really pretty--

 lots of cows.
The Buick, my favorite, seems to have developed some sort of fuel leak.
EEK.  So we are going to try to handle that this afternoon.
I'm working on my Project for Quality Management.  Or at least planning to.

More coffee

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