Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tucker, nuthatches, Cooper's Hawk and evil % signs- welcome to my world!!!

Tucker has made a statement about his dog crate.
 He just ripped the front screen-- so I have been slowly sewing it up.  So much controversy in the country, and in our little church.
I wish it was just as easy as sewing. Lots of really grouchy people.    I think that it is hardest thing-- to be joyful.
The deer are munching in the yard, I'm glad I planted the clover-- they seem disinterested in the bird feeder.  But alas for the poor Nuthatches,
they are being eaten by the Coopers Hawk that lives next to us.

My classes are Healthcare Statistics and Comparative Health records systems.  (Large Terrifying chord)I think the Stats class might kill me.  I can get the math, but am being sabotaged by % signs.
I have been playing more piano and a bit more violin.  I have had to abandon the violin for a bit, to get this school work to hit a stride.
 I am way too intense when I practice the violin.  I am much more relaxed and sloppier on the piano, flute or clarinet.  I screw up all over the place, and then laugh.  The deer react very strongly to my efforts on the clarinet!!!!
Me and Jocelyn chillin-she's a great artist!
They begin is pound the ground and the bucks wave their antlers menacingly at the front window.
So I'm a bit crashy-brain is toast.

Jocelyn is coming up for a week!!!

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