Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not used to being this busy with things other than studying...

Reporting in:
Church in the morning after today's outdoor wedding (rain miraculously absent), rehearsal last night (after a 6 hour drive), funeral Monday and 3 more funerals in July (so far). EEK
 We had a great 3 days on Washington Island, with travel on Monday and Friday including a 30 minute ferry ride each way.  I worked on my coding assignments at Cedar Lodge amongst the  territory tussles of really aggressive red-winged black birds (were in league with the mosquitos).  Two nights of campfires (after coding) in the company of  pastors attending the forum to hear Brian McClaren.  We rented  an apartment that had a kitchen with a GAS STOVE!!!!  I really miss cooking with gas. Visited a lavender plantation (after coding more), really like the lavender gelato and was a
AMAZED  by lily pads and 

 and met up with old friends.    Still coding

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