Monday, November 4, 2013

Life-- I still like it.

When no one likes you..... you have to pretend that everyone does.
Jesus does.

Ah Gossip.  Running around the community like 
unfettered jack rabbits.

 When it's about you, and you finally hear about it-- after years have gone by-- well it just doesn't matter.

The world we live in is always critical of everyone.

If you are happy--    
well you are tooooo happy.

If you are depressed---

you don't have enough backbone.

If you have money problems---
 you have it coming. 
If you are wealthy--
 I'm sure you cheated to get it. 

 It seems like the status quo is still the status quo.

 If you have the chance to say something bad about someone-- just say "bless, their heart"
or "just sayin'"  and go ahead.

When people feel powerless gossip lends a sense of power, schadenfreude,  and revenge, especially when there will be no courage to speak in person.  I say lend-- because it is temporary. The gossiper knows that it is violent and toxic to them.

How to keep going on living with joy and hope?

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