Thursday, February 10, 2011

Geez, what happened here? Sewing machines, tubs of fabric--a Government of Thread

I finally could stand it anymore.  There was thread every where-- errant scraps of fabric- capricious strands of yarn--the sewing machine and serger screaming "Please Cover Me-- I'm getting too dusty!  You'll be sorry..." and too many pins menacing those who dare to tread with bare feet in our bedroom--uhh I guess that would be me and my Pommeranian GentlmenFriend.
Pomeranian GentlmanFriend
I did get bring some order-- all the molecules were so please that

I had to take pictures.  So here  it is before and after.
After Therapy
No one visits us expcept  you my readers-- so feel priveliged!!!!
Note to Caren---- see I did include my "before" picture

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