Saturday, February 5, 2011

DNC, Bassoons and coffee

Saturday Morning  Blog

So here I am blogging.  There has been altogether too much Bassoon in the air.  I think Miss Dog must have invited it in.   Fog is clearing, thanks to Java.
Mr. Migraine
Rossini Quartets  wow-  listening to Sonic Tap while filling out the survey sent to me by the Democratic National Committee and trying to persuade Herr Migraine to lodge elsewhere.   I was advised by my Pomeranian GentlemenFriend that I shouldn't bother because they just want money--The DNC not Herr Migraine.
Pomeranian GentlemanFriend
As I am reading "Home Grown Democrat" by Garrison Keillor I am inspired to fill it out and mail  it in.
Its not that I dislike Bassoons, they are tricky, and I don't expect them.  They have a very good function in music-- but the timbre always startles me.  There is a 12 step program I think....

I am so startled by the venom of the right.  So much so that I feel like I can't really say anything about my politcal view amongst my Northwoods companions.  Hearing a bit of the Glen Beck show last night really amazed me that people are really buying his picture of the world- and I think I live amongst them.  So, when the DNC reached out to me--it was like a breath of fresh air--ooo  I really am Democrat--
so I'll let myself be flattered and fill out the survey. 
Packers win tomorrow I hope.  I think both teams are kind of cool.     Don't anyone tell my Pomeranian GentlemenFriend that I said that.  I do like the Packers better- having had first had experience last year going to a game a Lambeau. 
On with my day-- who knows what I'll get up to?

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  1. I was gonna send you this one video, but then I remembered your sloth.