Monday, May 7, 2012

The Moon has High speed and I'm thinking about taking over the world.

The Moon now has high speed internet

.The Frontier guy arrived around 10 AM and brought us back to the 21st century.  It was such a relief to just go online without the lunatic sound of the 56 K modem ringing in my ears.  See it- click it-- go there. Just in the nick of time-- our trusty dialup modem went to a better place after becoming  "en flammbe" from a thunderstorm Friday morning.
Poor fried modem RIP

This is what democracy looks

Election tomorrow-- the man who brought me the modem and the internet of the  21st century, commented on my Obama Biden bumper sticker. Happily it was not the vitriol I was accustomed to-- but something else!  He said he was a conservative that had made up his mind to vote for Obama and Recall  Walker!  He said that he couldn't stand what the Republicans wanted to do with Medicare, the tax cuts for the wealthy, and that Walker had gone after the teachers of all people!

EEK!  :)

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