Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Times come with the Territory
Grocery Store
I did venture into Eagle River with my Pomeranian Gentlemen Friend this morning-- but went grocery shopping at Trigs instead of trolling for high speed at ER Roasters.  This is going to really change my life--YAY.

Veil Stitch
 I had a great time shopping the good deals while the Clergy Breakfast was going on.  The checker at Trigs really loved my hand knitted shopping bags.  I am always so pleased to have my knitting complimented.  It has been a challenge to learn the veil stitch that is required for those.
Woodland Strings-I'm not in the picture

Last night I made it through a Woodland strings rehearsal (where I play what ever they have  and a Northwoods Singers rehearsal (where I am a soloist).  Unloading the car last night we found Daphne's glasses. I was so relieved.  They had been safely tucked into one of the pockets in the back door.
Tucker and Daddy-wolf
The doors on the Equinox  (The EEK) are vicious.  I have bruises from where one has closed on my right leg.  This is a nice car-- Tucker likes it too-- absolutely covers it with hair.  He loves to cover things with his hair.  We understand it is a feature and just brush him and use the shop vac on the car.

Today I am relaxing--- some knitting--will have a Dog-Date (walkies) later in the afternoon...  Quiet nice..

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