Monday, October 31, 2011

Tucker , Tree Chickens-and a bad attitude about Halloween.

It's Halloween.  Who cares?
Halloween parade circa 1969-70
I just am not into it this year. I think that it is loosing its verve in general.    I remember when--- well blah blah blah.  Halloweens in the 60's and 70's in West Chicago Il--    I don't want to go there.  It was ok-- but lately I have just don't have time for nostalgia.   I really wasn't into it last year either.  Our teeth are rotting and we are all too fat-- so eat an apple.  Oh wait-- I remember bobbing for apples on Halloween with the neighborhood kids in the basement at Pomeroy st.  EEEK  --its' happening.  I am waxing nostalgic!!  Maybe it will melt like our brief snow encounter this week.   The apples were a mess and highly unsanitary-- No chlorine in the buckets. Yes- I"m the one with the flute.

I have been trying to establish a scholarly schedule in anticipation of the starting school in January.  Just so that I have that in place-- and the house hold doesn't go into shock. I'm perusing some anatomy and physiology books etc.  Just to get my head in reading stuff like that.  Shocking how boring this sounds----

Tucker, The Flammbeau Flyer

Tucker the Flammbeau Flyer, is definitely  not a dog who needs a job. Everything becomes a toy-- and he wants to play constantly.  It is fun to see him amuse himself with chunk of carrot for 30 minutes!!! 

Our late Zena really needed a job.  She was on the job constantly.    Tucker  is a party animal-- a big-hearted silly snuggle-bug of a dog.

Zena, The Diva

Tucker doesn't seem to want to guard anything. However he does becomes unglued by the "evil" (his word) squirrel who eats at our bird feeder.

His crazy about birds.  He has flushed several winged creatures out of the weeds in the back yard.  I think he has the "soft mouth" described by people who hunt birds.  He once caught a Mourning Cloak Butterfly in his mouth, and was so surprised when he opened his mouth and it flew out!!!

Pomeranian Gentlemen Friend
Tucker contributes to our morning ritual by persuading my Pomeranian Gentleman friend to become vertical,  While I am usually flying around getting breakfast staged etc in my slippers -- in no state to indulge him for even a short "walkies,"-- he stealthily "barks" sotto voce agitato  at the bedroom door--.  When the task is accomplished and shoes are being put on for the "walkies" Tucker seems to get his teeth involved in the shoe process.  He likes to supervise this process which can be really exciting.


We have started calling the Pileated Woodpeckers "Tree Chickens"  as we call the squirrels "Tree Rats"  There is a an especially robust Tree Chicken that appeared at the feeder this morning.   He really loved the Suet-- I think almost more than the insects he gets when he pecks the day-lights out of the pines!!! Tucker lost all composure-- became unglued, delaminated etc....Needless to say the Tree Chicken retreated to a nearby tree.

So that's it for today. It's Monday EEEEK

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