Friday, September 23, 2011

Things to be glad for-- Henry HIggins was not allowed to procreate.

So I'm signing up for school - start in January.  Trying to get my health managed and wondering as Eliza Doolittle did:  " What's to become of me?"
                                      I think she was a bit despondent when she said that-- can't really blame her-- Henry Higgins?  I really am glad he wasn't allowed to procreate.
When I ask "Whats to become of me?"  I giggle and imagine all sorts of things.  Well---- I do know what is going to happen somewhat-- I'm going to transform my BA into a BS and sit for the RHIA exam.   Bureaucracy will never be the same after I get involved. 

It really sounds like a cooking project with let's say  alphabet pasta.  


Simmer my Bachelors of Music Education slowly for Two years (eek) while gradually adding an peculiar epice fine (Math, Statistics, Anatomy Physiology etc) wrapped in an internet cheese cloth bag  and a nice fresh beaker of alphabet pasta while reciting various and sundry parts of the IDC9 code book.  When done serve to to Rita, Henry, Imogene and Arvid (RHIA)  who will then examen your dog who will sit for them thereby taking the RHIA exam

Sounds like fun.

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