Sunday, March 21, 2010

Liberating effects of bad news

What is it to have Heart for the Mission? The church in Hinckley is circling the drain. They just voted to go to part time ministry.

It is the most absurd thing. They did this so that they could save money. But they are still in the Red and have no plans for fund raising.

Dan is a visionary--they are bean counters with no heart for the mission. The are the Hinckley founding families historical preservation society. There is no Jesus there --it is all about money.

I believe there a serious conflict of interest in the council. There are too many that are related either by blood or marriage. One of the members of the council owns a for-profit business! I believe that is a huge problem.

One member got up and tried to blame Dan for not following through on his ideas. It was so shallow. He can't do his ideas by himself. He has to have people to work with him.

I am so disappointed-- but strangely relieved. We can move on. The Patient (St.Paul's UCC, Hinckley) is under a DNR order. We can just move on. There is nothing else for us to do. I hate the thought of packing----but we can do a nice job of it. I just don't know where we are going yet.
I now need to be liberated from this pneumonia I have. I am still suffering. Maybe todays strangely liberating vote at church will make me recover....

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