Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Always surprised--Tuesday 11-17-2009

I was surprised
  • by the weather-- imagine that. Cold November day.
  • By how nice the brakes on the Buick are now. We did just have them fixed...
  • By youngest daughter with hygene issues taking a shower WITH SHAMPOO! I went up to the bathroom and monitored the process from the behind the door.
  • By a student really working on her musicianship rather than wasting time lamenting her abilities--just get to work.
  • By Zena the dobergirl not chewing her toes, we wrapped her foot in a sock with neosporin-- she was so embarrassed. Not a dog like thing to have on your foot.
  • By googlewave and how fun it is.
  • By min Geselle and the nice dinner he made for us
  • By how mean people are to a young friend on Jtv--I am always surprised by meaness.
  • By how My Backsurgery friend was talking to me online from the hospital after his surgery! He might go home tomorrow! What a fighter!!!
  • By how much I REALLY like my new convection oven. Most of our appliances have been second hand crap.. This I chose! It is new!!! It is wonderful!!! I love how it browns things. I feel powerful--I love kitchen appliances
  • By how I now have to really think of things to write, when I seem to always have things to say....
  • by how totally tired I am at the end of the day.
  • by how much laundry there is....
  • EEk

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